Ice Carving Instructional Classes

Ice Carving Classes

Held at the Styled Ice Studio in West Palm Beach

These full day classes will be held in small groups of 2-6, or 1 on 1, giving you the PERSONAL SKILL development that you need for any skill level

  • You will have virtually every tool designed for ice at your disposal to try out. We will show you how to use any of them effectively before purchasing your own.
  • Pick and choose what you want help with.
  • Reserve a private group session for you and your chefs at no additional cost.
  • From basic to advanced we can elevate your carving abilities.


Some of the topics include

  • Proper template design and knowing your subject matter
  • The 7 steps of completing any carving
  • Honing tool skills from die grinders to chisels
  • Carving the human figure-Faces/Hands/Proportion
  • Chisel/Chainsaw sharpening and technique
  • We will show you various food display designs that you can take and carve your self
  • Working with CNC carved ice
  • 1 on 1 instruction while you carve

These carvings were completed by a beginner chef ice carver by the end of the class.

  Chefs can use budgeted continuing education funds from your employer

Call and reserve your class


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