CNC and Other Videos

Listed below on this page are instructional, and demo videos of how we use the I-Sculpt upright and Flat Bed CNC.


Also, there are a few other videos on some various Sculpting techniques that we use as well




This video is how we use the CNC for making sorbet dishes and small appetizer plates. We use a specifically designed 3/8 inch bit that cuts these items. This bit is designed to run faster and smoother then a 1/8 or 1/4 inch bit. Also it still has a small enough diameter that it can still fit in the small corners of your designs.

This next video shows you how we produce snow filled colored logos from the I-Sculpt CNC. You can see in the video that the precise cutting of the CNC lets you separate colors perfectly. To do this logo by hand would be extremely difficult.

This is a step by step instruction of how to carve a "Sailfish" that has been pre-cut by the I-Sculpt 3-D CNC machine. We walk you though each tool and technique used to produce this sculpture.

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