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  -CNC carving can be as simple or as intricate as you want it to be. You will be trained by ice carvers, not engineers, on how to carve and design using the 3-d machine and market your business better with CNC technology.

The I-Sculpt 3-D C.N.C system was first developed in 1999 by Dean Carlson, a CAD software programer and CNC engineers to produce the FIRST upright CNC with 3-d carving capabilities for ice. With over 50 machines nation wide and over 10 YEARS of experience the I-Sclupt system is the most reliable CNC on the market.


We continue to upgrade the abilities of the machine and pursue better operating technology. Newly redesigned for 2010!!! A more compact footprint (4ft by 4ft), 3-D full block scanning capabilities (so the machine can reproduce one of your finished 3-D carvings), modular belt driven system featuring low temperature bearings, and a low profile rail system for smooth and quiet motion over long lengths.


  • Reliable and trustworthy tec. support. We will walk you through any trouble you may come across to get you back up and running as fast as possible.
  • Everything you need is included in one price, one package, not tacked on to an incomplete price.
  • Buy the ”ONLY” system with software and hardware developed specifically for you and the Ice Sculpting Industry.
  • Program and Operate your machine yourself – Avoid the high costs of programmers & operators until business warrants it.
  • Why would a carver want to carve from only one side of a block? I-Sculpt 3D shapes and details on both sides easily.

This picture above shows you the "EMERGENCY STOP" button, and the I-Sculpt HAND HELD CONTROLLER. The HAND HELD CONTROLLER holds 100 designs and is the easiest way to operate a CNC. No keyboard or mouse to deal with, its all just a push of a button, and it can be stored inside your freezer with the machine. The LCD display shows you the program name, bit to use, run time, tool speed and more. The turn dial lets you scroll though all of your designs fast and easy.


Our Machines were specifically designed for ice giving you exact replication every time.

                 -Extreme temperature insulated wire, corrosion resistant hardware to stand up to your freezer's harsh environment, low friction linear bearings, stainless steel retainers infused with a special lubricant formulated to withstand service temperatures from -94°F to 230°F (-70°C to 110°C).

Our software was specifically designed for ice

                -First developed in 1999 this software has been customized for the ice carver. Learn to program your own designs in one day, giving you total control. The machine cuts out your designs keeping your style of carving just the way you want it. We provide you with one on one instruction in person, continued phone support, proven designs that work, an operating manual and instructional videos.

Our high speed steal bits are specifically designed for ice

                 -Included with the machine is the 7 inch long end mill, which can handle cutting 120 inches per minute, and with only a .5, half inch diameter you don't loose any of your design detail, unlike larger diameter bits that remove to much ice at the corners of your design.

                 -Bits available are 1/2, 3/8, 1/4, 3/16 and 1/8

Over 10,000 proven designs to choose from and ready to use

The UPRIGHT design of the machine lets you easily spin the block over and start to cut the back side in seconds.

               -There is no lifting of blocks and with the machine having a low profile blocks can slide in and out of the machine never having to leave the floor.

Learn to program the machine yourself in one day!!!

Click the video link above, for a

instructional video of the drawing program used for the I-Sculpt CNC.

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