Trim Saw

Squares traditional or tapered blocks and cuts accurate slices 

Easy to use  Precision cutting  -  Compact

Some of the features of the two different models are listed below. The larger model is for someone who wants to cut the side of a can block to an even/parallel 20 inch width. Where as the 10 inch version allows cuts from 10 to 1 inch, like trimming the face of a Clinebell or a sheet of ice for logos.

Follow this link, about the Trim Saw, from one of the industry leaders in Ice Sculpting news Advice In Ice.....

Trim Saw Owner Testimonials

Julian Bailey of Ice Culture -

"We used the TRIM SAW extensively when refurbishing the ice restaurant in Dubai. We had to use locally manufactured blocks that were tapered on all four sides and contained a heavy feather at one end. We set up a system which involved two of our team trimming and slicing blocks for walls, pillars, tables and benches. We made more then 1000 full cuts without any problems and the project was completed much faster because of this process."

Harold Sawatzky of Ice Decor -

"After several years of cutting ice blocks with an Alaskan mill we purchased and TRIM SAW this past year. By doing so we have significantly reduced the physical labor involved with cutting ice. It takes up very little valuable floor space and it sits right next to the CNC. The TRIM SAW needed little set up time and has required minimal maintenance. It's been an all around affordable step to growing our ice business."

- SMALL FOOTPRINT takes up less space then a band saw, utilizing your valuable shop space: only 32 X 32 ( 20 inch size) or 22 X 32 ( 10 inch size).


- Convertible back wall that unfolds QUICKLY  and PRECISELY, to your desired cutting depth. Allowing cuts from 20 inches to 1 inch that are the exact same every time.


- Low to the ground. SIMPLE LOADING AND UNLOADING, no tipping or lifting of heavy blocks. Slide the block in quickly, no tilt cart is needed.


- Designed to cut PERFECTLY STRAIGHT AND SQUARE rather than following the curvature of some blocks like an Alaskan Mill.


- Has up to 45 INCHES (114.3cm) of block clearance.


- Rugged WELDED STEAL FRAMING with diamond plate base.


- Variable speed electric winch for smooth cutting ability down through the block, FASTER THAN A BAND SAW. The saw retracts fast for likety split turn around and reloading of blocks.


- Cover over the saw to utilize space and storage.


- Complete assembly can be transported easily to your large events.

Trim Saw model 20 trimming a Clinebell block to 10 inches

Trim Saw Model 20 cutting a tapered block at 20", 10", 5" and how to convert the back wall

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